20×20 Frame Cable Red/White/Blue

Rental World carries 20×20 frame and cable tents for almost all occasions.  Our white and clear tents are perfect for weddings, Quinceañera, and other formal occasions, while our custom red, white, and blue tents are perfect for fairs, festivals, fundraisers, and promotions.

With their 9.25 foot legs every 20 feet, these tents are perfect over small stages and dance floors.  These tents also make a great entrance and exit tents.

Tents have brackets at each corner and peak for flags, pennants, or banners.

Staking into the ground is preferred and most economical.  However, if staking is not an option, 55 gallon water barrels can be used for anchoring frame tents.  A water source needs to be close to the event site so our event crew can fill the barrels.