Flower Wall Background

Silk Hydrangea

Price includes hardware, fabric, installation & delivery/pickup within 10 miles of the nearest Rental World location during normal business hours.

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Rental Specs


  • Two champagne flat voile 10’x10′ panels for pole covers
  • Two Pastel Pink flat voile 12’x10′ panels for the back
  • Two soft pink crushed voile 15’x10′ panels for cross
  • Twelve 17″X25″ silk hydrangeas pink/cream flower wall panels
  • One organza sash tie for middle
  • Rhinestone pin for middles
  • Fifteen white channel pipe cleaners


  • Two 24×24 base plates
  • Two 6′-10′ adjustable uprights
  • One 6′-8′-10′ drape support
  • 4 sign hooks for silk flowers

Optional Elements to add to your design could include beaded curtains, up-lighting, chandelier, and other accents and embellishments.