Ceiling Magnet Hook

Our super strong, rare-earth, magnetic hanging hooks are designed to create a strong hook point on walls and ceilings. These are extremely handy when hanging a wide variety of wedding and event decorations, props, etc…

See Rental Specifications

Rental Specs

Single 42mm Super Magnet Hook – 0050-3030
Pull Force: 149.9lbs
D=42mm (1.65″) H=52mm (2.05″) M=6mm (0.24″)
Weight: 3.34 oz.

Single 60mm Super Magnet Hook – 0050-3040
Pull Force: 249.1lbs
D=60mm (2.36″) H=66mm (2.60″) M=8mm (0.32″)
Weight: 10.02 oz.