Starburst Ceiling Draping

Custom Linear Ceiling Draping is luxurious, soft, and becoming the norm for ceilings in event halls and inside tents.  We have different colors and fabrics to fit any decorating needs.  We have the right tools to make installation fast and easy. Ceiling Drapes are perfect for Wedding events.

Good add-on tools include:

Clikmagnet magpole, ceiling tube balancing cables, round aluminum hoops and more.

To figure out how much fabric you will need following these guidelines:

  • Determine the design (starburst or linear) and how tall the walls are.
  • Is the ceiling tile drop with metal grids, cathedral, vaulted or beams?
  • If draping at a venue, get a sketch of the room and what time is the room available for installation.
  • If draping one of our tents, we will need to know what tent you are renting from us. The way we drape a frame, or tension tent is much different than a kedar or structure tent.

Video of starburst design inside 82×132 structure tent: