Dance Floor 1×1 Teak

Dance the night away on our customizable dance floors.  Our dance floors are built-in sections to allow for customized sizes that will fit any special event or occasion!

Price is based per section & surface and includes set-up, and take-down services. Delivery costs are additional based on location. Please call for a quote and be sure to tell us if the surface is grass, concrete, or carpet.  Video stage over swimming pool:

Not sure on the size?  Typically 1/3 of the guests actually dance at once.

Popular Dance Floor Sizes:

  • 12’x12′ -typically suited for up to 60 guests and 20 dancers
  • 12’x16′ -typically suited for up to 75 guests and 24 dancers
  • 16’x16′ -typically suited for up to 100 guests and 30 dancers
  • 16’x20′ -typically suited for up to 150 guests and 50 dancers
  • 20’x20′ -typically suited for up to 180 guests and 60 dancers
  • 24’x24′ -typically suited for up to 300 guests and 100 dancers
  • 32’X32′ -typically suited for up to 500 guests and 170 dancers