Basketball Full Court Press

Full Court Press is an exciting fast-paced game for kids, teens, and adults.  Each player attempts to make all of their color-coded basketballs in their respective basket.  The action heats up since each ball that your opponent makes, transfers a ball to your side. Each player must decide whether to continue to shoot his/her own basketballs or to try and make a basket with one of their opponent’s color-coded basketballs.  The first player to transfer all of their color-coded basketballs to their opponents side is the winner.  Truly like real NBA full-court press action, this game is fast and frenzied and lots of fun!

Set a 30-second time limit to increase excitement.  The player with the least amount of basketballs on their side at the end of 30 seconds wins.   The game can be quickly converted to standard basketball goals for single-action play.

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