Twinkle Lights

Looking for a way to enhance the area at your event? Maybe you want to splash some excitement onto your trees and bushes, or perhaps light up a tent. Let us help with twinkle lights. Ask about installation packages as well.

The strand has white sockets, white wire, each spacing is 6-inches wide, with 95 bulbs. No extra bulbs included. In case a bulb burns out, typically it will be due to a broken (or melted filament), other bulbs will continue to work. Use of a regular household extension cord (not included) is recommended. They are really no different than your standard Christmas light strand with the same indoor/outdoor capability. They are low voltage LED lights, therefore they do not get hot. They do not dim. You can connect up to 6 strands together to one outlet.

SKU: 0095-2050 Category:Specialty Lighting