Small Rustic Chandelier

Dimensions: 22″ H x 19″ Diameter and requires five LED  chandelier bulb shapes.

Chandeliers double as both a decorative piece and as a functional provider of light. The wrought iron design makes this piece the perfect addition to any rustic décor theme. The flameless pillar candles make this chandelier a safe choice for hanging candles overhead as they are free from wax spills and eliminate fire hazards. Illuminate your home or event with this beautifully versatile chandelier.

They would be a great design element to add to a wedding arch, or down a dark hallways.  They can be easily hung with magnetic hooks (0050-3030) on a drop ceiling.  Light dimmers can also be added and 25-50ft extension cords are rented separately.

Design tip: Try adding floral, or greenery between the arms to create your unique look.  They also look great if you hang 3 at different heights over a specialty table for that added design element.

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