Portable Searchlight

Do not let this light’s small size fool you.  This powerful searchlight, although only 92 lbs, has rated visibility of 3 to 12 miles.  Rental World’s searchlight is an excellent addition to any nighttime sale or special event.  With its unique design, light may be tilted from 0 to 90 degrees and has a variable speed rotation. Unlike other searchlights that are 3-phase or 240 volt, Rental World’s searchlight operates off a standard 110-volt 20 amp outlet and draws only 9.4 amps.  This 850 watt light has a 95% efficient reflector assembly allowing it to outperform 4,000-watt Xenon lamps.  If a generator is required, a Honda EU2000 or EU3000 generator is required.

SKU: 0140-0010 Category:Basic & Street Lighting