Lawn Thatcher

Our  Lawn Dethatcher will remove dead grass or “thatch” from your lawn. Use it each spring to “comb” out the dead grass so your lawn grows better!

The Bluebird PR22 lawn dethatcher, also known as a power rake, lawn dethatcher, or scarifier, is a machine used to remove dead grass or thatch buildup from the surface of lawns and turf.  This process allows the lawn to receive air, light and water to the surface roots which in turn promotes growth. Thick layers of thatch may provide a home for insects and also prolongs high humidity for the roots, promoting fungal and bacterial diseases.Thatch usually builds up in lawns that are heavily fertilized and pesticides used to repel earthworms can also increase the layer of thatch.  Most people use a lawn thatcher at least once a year and usually it is done in early spring before the weather gets too warm.