Concrete Mixer Gas

Innovative EasyClean™ mixers utilize polyethylene drums to put an end to clean-up problems. Multi-position dump latch and oversized dump wheel allow for easier discharge of material. A few taps with a rubber mallet and the dried concrete falls right out. Heavy-duty paddles provide a clean, uniform mix. Ball or pintle hitches, 9 cu. ft. capacity (1 – 1-1/2 bags).

  • Towable, ball, or pintle hitch capabilities
  • Heavy-duty paddles provide a clean, uniform mix
  • Easy-to-clean drum

To help extend the mixer life, anyone who rents a mixer from us is required to clean all concrete from the mixer before returning back to us.  Customers can use a pressurizing washing system and industrial soap to knock off any concrete buildup before the concretes dries.  Failure to clean the concrete mixer will result in losing your cleaning deposit.

Video how to clean a concrete mixer:

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