Concrete/Material Buggy

Our highly popular SC75 Concrete and Material Buggy with a rubber track undercarriage transports concrete and other material with ease over rough terrain causing minimal impact to the ground surface. Heavy duty rubber tracks offer balanced weight distribution to travel with ease over wet, muddy ground, rough, uneven terrain, and loose sand and gravel. Our SC75 concrete buggy outshines in efficiency and maneuverability compared to wheeled buggies.

Buggy is not limited to concrete. The buggy works fantastic for moving small landscape gravel, mulch, and other materials around the job site, home, or ranch.

To help extend our buggies life, anyone who rents a buggy from us is required to clean all concrete or debris from the bucket before returning back to us.  Customers can use a pressurizing washing system and industrial soap to knock off any concrete buildup or stuck on dirt. 

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SKU: 0020-1840 Category:Concrete Equipment - Misc

Rental Specs

Maximum Performance In:

  • wet, muddy ground conditions
  • rough, uneven terrain
  • loose sand and gravel
  • Hydrostatic Drive
  • Rubber Tracks
  • 90º Dump Angle
  • Length 95”
  • Width 35”
  • Height 57”
  • Payload 1655 lbs / 16 cu ft
  • Weight 1576 lbs
  • Engine 22 H.P. Robin
  • Speed 0-6 mph