15ft Dry Slide

When it comes to sliding, The 15ft slide from Rental World is the one in charge. This tall dry slide is certain to impress at your next big event or party, and keep them climbing for more! Participants can enter the slide on the left and climb the impressive 15 feet, and enjoy the fast and furious ride down the right side to the well-cushioned bottom. With a right-side exit, players are free to run around to the entrance and ride over and over. The Slide’s colorful orange, blue, green, and yellow theme is sure to be eye-catching, drawing attendees in to check out the fun.

The 15-foot dry slide is a great way to promote fun and healthy activity! With a variety of colors, shapes, and themes, our dry slides offer kids of all ages endless amounts of aerobic activity.

Product Dimensions:
Length: 16′
Width: 9′
Height: 15′

SKU: 0100-0065 Categories:Inflatable Wet & Dry Slides, Children's Party