Satin Drape/Backdrop Sylver


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Size: 40ft long X 5ft wide

Since our Silver Satin drape/panels are 40ftt long they are ideal for creating a 2 panel valance backdrop.  All you need to do is choose your base color fabric, place your base plates into place add uprights in position and find the middle of your 40ft valance.


  1. Place 3 bases on the ground approx. 6-10′ apart and add 3 upright into the baseplates
  2. Slide 2 drape support though the rod pockets and place between the uprights.  I recommend 6-8 base drapes!
  3. Spread drape along the drape supports so it looks event.  Place drape support into upright slots.
  4. Find the center of the 40′ long valance fabric and attached with pipe cleaner using a ladder and swag to the ends.
  5. Adjust the two swag drops so they are even and pin fabric to the drape support.

Supplies: Two people, Ladder, Pipe Cleaners and plenty of Straight Pins!


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