Coffee Maker 100 Cups

Commercial 100 cup coffee maker/server operational instructions:

  1. Fill coffee maker to the desired level with COLD water (Maker will not work with hot water)
  2. Please use Regular/Course Grind Coffee in the basket.  There are no paper filters required, so the coffee must be coarse enough so it does not fall through the holes in the basket.
  3. Set the long metal pump into the heat well inside the coffee maker and gently set the basket with coffee grinds onto the pump. DO NOT FORCE the BASKET DOWN!
  4. Place the lid on the coffee maker and plug into a regular 110-120volt AC outlet.  Turn ON coffee maker.
  5. Light will come on when coffee is ready.  Coffee will remain at serving temperature as long as it’s on.
  6. When your event is over, turn off coffee maker before disconnecting from outlet.
  7. 100 cups requires about 7.5 cups of coffee course grounds and takes 70 minutes brew time.
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