C4-Criss Cross Collision Course

Product Dimensions:

• Length 75′
• Width 18′
• Height 7′
• Weight 422lbs.

The C4 (Criss Cross Collision Course) is an absolute blast for kids and adults of all ages.  Players start at one end of the 75 foot track and race inside human spheres.  Watch out for the speed bump obstacles, as well as your opponent as you criss cross your way to the finish line.

For an added splash, the C4 has 4 water traps that can be filled with several inches of water to add a whole new dimension to the game!  When a player transitions from the dry track to the water trap, the sphere can hydroplane over the water losing momentum.

For team building, 2 players can enter each sphere for 2 on 2 races!

Spheres are airtight.  Participants should NOT exceed 10 minutes inside sphere per session.

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