Ninja Wall Dry Slide

Ninja Wall Challenge! The Ninja wall Inflatable challenges the participant with straight-up 7′, 9, and 11′ walls that you have to climb before they get to slide down. This Interactive Slide Rental is a favorite among the kids as it gives them a personal challenge to get up that wall! It also helps release some of that built-up energy from being in school all week. The wall does have some grippers that help boost them up to the top and of course, children always love a challenge. Watch them and encourage them to try the “big” one. This is not only fun but great exercise for them as well. Be sure to consider the Ninja Wall for your next event. We offer all kinds of unique inflatable options to choose from as well as a rock wall and even a zip line course that we can set up as well. There literally is something for everyone, young or old, we have your event covered.

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Rental Specs

Product Dimensions:
Length: 20′
Width: 30’
Height: 18′
Weight: 564 Lbs.