Hocker Structure Clearspan Tents Rental World carries the only line of structure tents in South Texas! Rental World 100x198 Structure Tent

Rental World continues to invest in a multitude of tents to meet our customer needs, and we now carry the only line of structure tents in South Texas.
Our structure tents by Hocker provide engineered clearspan widths of 30, 40, 50, 66, and 82 feet.  Each 30x or 40x tent is available in ~10 foot length increments, while each 50x, 66x, and 82x tent is available in ~16 foot length increments (e.g. 16 feet, 32 feet, 48 feet, etc.).  100, 115, and even 132 foot widths structures are available through special order.
To provide a more spacious interior for your event, our structure tents have 10 foot legs, as opposed to standard structure tents with 8 foot legs.  Each 30x and 40x tent is fully Hocker Structure Tent baseplate Installedengineered and rated to withstand ~60 mph wind bursts, while the 50x, 66x, and 82x are engineered for ~70 mph wind bursts.  Unlike standard tents, our structure tents are staked through base plates at each leg, and they do not require ropes or straps along the tent perimeter.

With structural rafters and a modular design, a 30 to 50 foot long tent makes a great stage canopy.  Typical light trusses are easily hung from the tent's structural beams.
Our structure tents also serve as affordable temporary storage structures for warehousing or as temporary protection for construction projects.

30x & 40x Structure Tents

30x & 40x Structure

50x, 66x, & 82x Structure

50x, 66x, & 82x Structure

100x & 132x Structure Tents

100x & 132x Structure

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