Pole Tents

Pole tents are the industry's proven tents for all types of events!

Pole tents are the industry's proven tents for all types of events!Rental World carries an assortment of pole tents ranging from 10x10 to 60x180.  Pole tents are one of the oldest and most utilized tent designs in the tent industry.  Smaller pole tents provide an affordable alternative to frame tents, while larger pole tents are commonly used at everyday functions from promotions, to weddings, to fairs and festivals.

Pole tents are quite similar to frame tents in their look and function.  Both pole and frame tents have constant slope canvas tops.  The primary differentiator between the tents is that pole tents have interior poles to support the tent canvas, while frame tents have an aluminum skeleton to support the tent top.  In addition, frame tents are typically limited to 40 foot widths, while pole tents are commonly found in 60 foot widths and can even go up to 120 feet wide.

Pole tents rely on ground stakes or concrete anchors as part of  the tent structure.  Thus, pole tents may not be secured with water barrels or water boxes.  This tie down requirement prohibits placing pole tents directly against one another.  However, Rental World can install frame or frame and cable tents between pole tents to join the tents.  We can also install rain gutters between the tents to minimize water entry in case of foul weather.

10x10 Pole Tents

10x10 Pole Tents

20x White Tents

20x Pole Tents

40x Red and White Pole Tent

40x Pole Tents

0x Pole Tents

60x Pole Tents

60x Texas Glag Tent

60x Texas Flag Tent

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